CIPP/E Exam Annual Update (October 1, 2022)

CIPP/E Exam Annual Update (October 1, 2022)

The annual update of CIPP/E is expected to be effective from October 1, 2022. In this year’s update, up to 10% of the exam material will be updated to reflect the latest developments in European data protection. This year the focus is on the Guidelines of the EDPB (European Data Protection Board).

In addition, three new topics have been added. We have done all the research on the recent updates for the year so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in to know what they are so that you prepare for your next CIPP/E exam accordingly.

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CIPP/E – Examination Blueprint

Starting with the basics, the IAPP CIPP/E Examination Blueprint tells you about the number of questions asked from each topic. This document is not changing this year. This means that the exam, as for the previous year, still consists of three parts. Part 2 of 3, which deals with the GDPR, is the most important. This is where about half to three-quarters of all questions are asked.

Now let’s shed some light on what has changed for the year:

CIPP/E Exam – Body of Knowledge (New Version)

The topics from the Exam Blueprint are discussed in detail in the Body of Knowledge. You will not see any major changes in the Body of Knowledge as the official textbook dates back to 2019. However, some things should be kept in mind while preparing for the exam.

In the new version of the Body of Knowledge, we see that 9 Guidelines and 1 Recommendation have been added. Guidelines and Recommendations are documents in which the united European supervisors explain or give direction on how the GDPR is applied.

Some of these Guidelines were already part of the course material. Because the IAPP now explicitly mentions which guidelines are part of the exam material, you can better prepare for the exam.

The following list provides a complete overview of all Guidelines and Recommendations for the CIPP/E exam:

Press Release CIPP/E Beta Exam; New Topics

The new exam formats are being tested with beta exams. Interestingly, in the press release (link) about these beta exams, we find three new topics. Strangely enough, these are not reflected in the Blueprint or Body of Knowledge. The topics are:

  1. Transparency requirements with regard to data protection notices
  2. Important aspects of the 2021 SCCs (scope, approach, new obligations, etc.)
  3. Consequences of Schrems 2 judgement on Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield, SCCs, and other transfer mechanisms

Starting with the last point (topic 3), it is no surprise at all that the consequences of Schrems 2 are mentioned. Indeed, this landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice caused a landslide in the field of data transfers.

The latest version of the official textbook dates from before that time. It is, therefore, inevitable that this subject will be part of the exam. The same goes for the new set of Standard Contract Clauses (SSC) that resulted from this ruling (topic 2). Transparency, of course, remains an important topic, and developments in this area do not stand still. Topic 1 has, therefore, also been added.

These new topics have been incorporated into our textbook outline.

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The October 1, 2022 update adds three new topics and clarifies which Guidelines exam questions will be asked. Furthermore, explicit references to (new) EDPB Guidelines have been added. The three new topics and part of the Guidelines cannot be found in the now dated textbook (2019). It is, therefore wise to read up on this yourself before taking the exam. Join our IAPP CIPP/E exam prep course to ensure guaranteed success in the exam.

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