CIPM Exam Annual Update (October 1, 2022)

CIPM Exam Annual Update (October 1, 2022)

The yearly CIPM exam updates will take effect from October 1, 2022. This blog post will discuss the update point by point and enlighten you about everything you need to pass the updated CIPM exam.

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No changes to the CIPM Examination Blueprint

No changes have been observed in the exam blueprint for this year. This means that the exam is structured the same way as it was previously. It consists of six parts.

The chapters in the book have been renamed and now indicate whether it concerns the Privacy Program framework or the Privacy Operational Lifecycle (and stage). This makes it easy to link the chapters to the questions. Below you can see how the questions are divided into parts:


The average number of questions


I. Developing a Privacy Program


1 & 2

II. Privacy Program Framework


2 & 3

III. Privacy Operational Lifecycle: Assess



IV. Operational Privacy Lifecycle: Protect


5 & 6

V. Privacy Operational Lifecycle: Sustain


7 & 8

VI. Privacy Operational Lifecycle: Respond


9 & 10

The New Third Edition of The Textbook

In spring 2022, a new CIPM textbook, Privacy Program Management – Tools for Managing Privacy Within Your Organization (third edition) by Russell Densmore (executive editor and contributor), was published.

We have analyzed that in this new edition, the following changes have been made:

  • More attention to definitions such as (privacy) program management, life cycle stages and the framework and the role of the privacy manager has been paid.
  • New global legislation has been included. Think, for example, of the CCPA, CPRA and the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados in Brazil.
  • Recent updates in US State Data Privacy And Security Laws mentioned in the previous Body of Knowledge version are also included in the textbook.
  • In the light of Schrems II, extensive attention is paid to cross-border data transfers and Transfer Impact Assessments.
  • Attention is paid to Artificial Intelligence.
  • More extensive attention is paid to cloud vendors.
  • The chapter on training and awareness has been expanded.
  • The data subjects’ rights chapter has been updated.

In terms of structure:

  • Chapter 1 is unchanged
  • The titles of chapters 2 and 3 now have the prefix ‘Privacy Program Framework’.
  • The other chapters, 3 to 10, are prefixed with the ‘Privacy Operational Life Cycle. The phase in the life cycle has also been added (assess, protect, sustain or respond), making it clearer to link the chapters to the exam blueprint (see below).

Furthermore, the order of chapters has been changed as follows:

  • Chapter 5 has now become Chapter 6
  • Chapter 6 has now become Chapter 9
  • Chapter 7 has now become Chapter 8
  • Chapter 8 has now become Chapter 5
  • Chapter 9 has now become Chapter 10
  • Chapter 10 has now become Chapter 7

Updates to The CIPM Body of Knowledge (BoK)

We also analyzed the new Body of Knowledge version and found many minor textual changes. Three new substantive additions have been made:

  1. Data sharing agreements and cross-border transfers.
  2. Risk assessment surrounding mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Policies as an organizational measure to protect personal data.

The topics were already included in the 2nd edition of the textbook and have been slightly modified in the 3rd edition. In that sense, the exam material is not entirely new.

(If we look at the changes mentioned around the CIPM beta exam, we do not see much new under the sun either.)

How to Prepare for your CIPM exam?

When preparing for the CIPM exam, paying attention to cross-border data transfers and Transfer Impact Assessments seems especially important. Moreover, it is advisable to evaluate new global legislation. You can purchase the book’s third edition or search for this information. Don’t want to waste your time searching for the right material? We have got you covered. Purchase our CIPM online training course today and make the best decision of your life.

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