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Certified Information Privacy Manager - CIPP Training
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Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

At CIPPTraining.com, we believe working smart is about studying at your pace and with your study plan. We know our students are professionals who want to combine exam preparation with their busy lifestyles. We offer you the most flexible CIPP training you will find online.
What an excellent resources, it was the reason I passed my CIPM exam.
Mosab Mohd
Excellent Accelerator for CIPM preparation The course is well structured, and the material is also as objective as needed for the CIPM exam. It is worth to mention that, if you have any kind of questions during your study, you can reach Remon, the instructor, by e-mail and you will be answered shortly. I definitely recommend this course as an excellent accelerator for CIPM preparation. Remember to use the excellent summary material prepared by Remon himself.
Pedro Lohmann
I recommend the CIPM training course as a mandatory means of preparing for the exam. It allows an individual, through a simplified study framework, to absorb the material faster, more effectively, and apply it to real-world scenarios. I was also able to study part-time (3hrs a night) for 7 days, take the exam, and pass!
Jason M.

Course description

Training overview

Make data privacy regulations work for your organization by understanding how to implement them in day-to-day operations. Learn to create a company vision, structure a data protection team, develop and implement system frameworks, communicate to stakeholders, measure performance and more.

The Certified Information Privacy Manager is the world’s first and only certification in privacy programme management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you know how to make a privacy programme work for your organisation. In other words, you’re the go-to person for day-to-day operations when it comes to data protection.

This CIPM program was developed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which is the world’s largest comprehensive global information privacy community and resource. The CIPM certification also holds accreditation under ISO 17024: 2012.

Privacy Program Management is the how-to training on implementing a privacy program framework, managing the privacy program operational lifecycle and structuring a knowledgeable, high performing privacy team. Those taking this course will learn the skills to manage privacy in an organisation through process and technology – regardless of jurisdiction or industry.

What you'll learn

This course will deepen your knowledge and help you understand all you need to know about developing, implementing, managing, structuring, and monitoring the privacy framework. Our course covers all the major topics in the privacy program governance and operational life cycle. 

All topics are discussed extensively, and you will get scenario questions, and additional reference materials to support your exam preparation. Major topics are:

  • How to create a company vision
  • How to structure the privacy team
  • How to develop and implement a privacy program framework
  • How to communicate to stakeholders
  • How to measure performance
  • The privacy program operational life cycle

Course content

For who is it for

This course is intended for:

  •  Management professionals in private and public institutions
  • Chief Privacy Officers
  • Legal compliance officers
  • Risk managers
  • Managers responsible for privacy operations
  • Information Security Professionals including CISSP and CISO
  • Certified Information Systems Auditors
  • Certified Information Security Managers
  • Other information auditing professionals
  • Members of an organization privacy team
  • Privacy Auditing and Accountability Managers
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Director
  • Human Resource Officers
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection Lawyers
  • Anyone interested in knowing more about data protection processes and programs

Course benefits

Do you want to advance your career, access more opportunities, and increase your pay with the world’s only privacy program management certification? Do you want to deepen and demonstrate your knowledge of data protection? Sign up now, and let’s help you become a Certified Information Privacy Manager. Leverage our CIPM study guide to join the league of professionals who have aced their exam through us.

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Conclusion and price

Why sign up?

  • Pass your CIPM exam on the first attempt and become a certified information privacy manager with our online CIPM training course.

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  • Learn the skills and knowledge required to become the go-to person for all data protection operations in your organization.

  • Sign up now to give your career an edge with an IAPP certification




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Searching for CIPP/E or CIPP/US?

Certified Information Privacy Professional/US - CIPP Training


Certified Information Privacy Professional/US

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the U.S. Privacy Environment
  • Limits on Private-sector Collection and Use of Data
  • Government and Court Access to Private-sector Information
  • Workplace Privacy
  • State Privacy Laws
Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe - CIPP Training


Certified Information Privacy Professional/E

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to European Data Protection
  • European Regulatory Institutions
  • Legislative Framework
  • Compliance with European Data Protection Law and Regulation
  • International Data Transfers

Flashcards added to our CIPP/E and CIPP/US training courses!