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Pass your exam with ease with our online training courses. You will get study materials and CIPP exam questions that are designed by a certified privacy professional. Several students have opted for our online CIPP training courses for the following reasons:

  • CIPP Exam questions

Gain access to a full practice exam and additional questions and study materials developed by experienced privacy professionals.

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Study anywhere and anytime. We offer flexible online courses that will work with your study plan.

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Want to take the next step on your career ladder with a IAPP certification? We have helped several students become privacy professionals and take pride in our increasing list of successful students.

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  • pass your exams on the first try;
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  • know the impact of privacy legislation on your company.


We know that the exam is difficult to pass without the right preparation. We provide a result-focused CIPP study guide that includes detailed discussions of vital topics, scenarios, reference materials, and exam questions. Our CIPP exam preparation will equip you with in-depth knowledge and the latest information about privacy and information security.

Over the years, we have noticed the student problem areas and have focused our training course in addressing these difficult parts. Whether it is your first try, the second attempt, or want to stay up-to-date with latest laws and regulations, this training course is designed for you.


At, we believe working smart is about studying at your pace and with your study plan. We know our students are professionals who want to combine exam preparation with their busy lifestyles. We offer you the most flexible CIPP training you will find online.

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We offer all our students an EXAM PASS GUARANTEE. Our team works smarter and harder to help you achieve your goals and set you on a path to a brighter future. However, in the rare event that you fail the IAPP papers after completing our training, you will receive half of the course fee back.


We offer the best online training guide for IAPP certifications. Our e-Learning provides you the personal guidance required to excel. Check out our video here.



The International Association of Privacy Professional (IAPP) is the global credential body for information privacy programs. IAPP certifications are the most recognized certification in the field of information privacy. Becoming IAPP certified will show organizations that you have an in-depth understanding of the issues and best practices in this field.

You should consider becoming IAPP CIPP certified if you are a:

  • Senior information management professional or a chief privacy officer working in the U.S., EU or U.K.
  • Member of an organizations privacy team
  • Record manager
  • Data protection officer
  • Privacy or risk manager
  • Data protection lawyer
  • Information officer
  • Legal compliance officer
  • Human Resources officer
  • Information security professional
  • Information auditing professional
  • Database professional
  • Anyone seeking information about privacy laws and regulations.


Remon passed his IAPP exams and obtained his certifications through self-study. He is passionate about helping other students achieve the same feat. Remon is presently a privacy consultant, DPO, and CISO for various Dutch companies, and he has extensive experience in organizing training courses for professionals. Remon has also worked as a lawyer and in advisory capacities for several IT companies.

“My goal is to provide students with a straightforward, comprehensive, step-by-step guide that delivers exactly what they need to pass one of the IAPP exams.”

Remon Janssen LLM, MSc, CIPP/US & CIPP/E
Privacy Consultant and Founder

Remon works with a team of various didactic experts and designers to achieve his dream of helping thousands of students become IAPP certified. Together, they form the Janssen Advies en Projecten B.V.

We are known for offering the most comprehensive online course for IAPP certification. Our study guide is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it covers the latest industry trends and guidelines. What more, we provide our students with sample questions that are similar to the real exam.

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  • To-the-point on demand introductory videos as an introduction to the various topics
  • A very comprehensive textbook outline of the latest version
  • 3 full practice exams of 90 questions each, including scenario questions (IAPP style)
  • A helpful study guide
  • Additional study schematics, articles and other helpful stuff
  • Tips and tricks to pass the exam
  • Unlimited and lifetime access to all course materials
  • Free updates on all the materials
  • The possibility to connect with other privacy professionals
  • PASS Guarantee – in the rare event that you fail the IAPP exam after completing our training, you will receive half of the course fee back
  • Anytime access to Remon and his team via email


"The CIPP/US program is great and a great selection of practice exams and videos.

The summary of all the book’s chapters is really good. Remon did a great job putting this program together and is very responsive with questions."
Juan Meza
Information Technology Systems Manager
"Final push..

This CIPP Training gave me the final push to pass my CIPPe exam. Due to nice videos, highlights and test exams. And good collaboration with the team behind this online course."
Marcel Rus
Local Information Security Officer at NS (Dutch Railways)
"I've recently started my third course with CIPPTraining. The first course I took was CIPP/E. I was very satisfied with the training materials and personal guidance.
Therefore, I continued to the CIPM course, and experienced the same results."
Dan Westmore
Legal Counsel at NICE ltd.

David Mashburn

Corporate Counsel at

Basirat Bolompe

Data Security Investigation Specialist


You can easily combine our online CIPP course with your (full-time) job and other activities. The entire course can be completed in 1 or 2 full days. It is also wise to reserve some study time for learning the summary (CIPP/E 33 pages – CIPP/US 45 pages) and looking through the GDPR. Of course, you can set the pace you desire.

The training costs $337 (including VAT); that is around €300, depending on the exchange rate.

With $337, you will get everything you need to prepare for the exam. You can pay with a credit card or via PayPal.

No, you do not need additional study materials. Our online training course is more than sufficient. It comes with a summary of the official textbook (CIPP/E 33 pages | CIPP/US 45 pages), three full practice exams and additional practice questions.

For free CIPP/US sample exam questions please see: CIPP/US Practice Questions (Sample Questions)

Yes, all our online training courses are supervised by a certified training manager in the field of privacy and security. What more, all our experts have a master’s degree. During your web-based training, you can contact them if you have any questions. If desired, our expert can help you track your progress.