CIPP/US Exam Annual Update (October 1, 2022)

CIPP/US exam annual update (October 1, 2022)

Three new topics and update of the State Privacy Laws section.

On October 1, 2022, the CIPP/US exam will be updated. This is the annual update. Each year, up to a maximum of 10% of the exam material is updated. In this blog we will discuss the update. You will learn how to properly prepare for when you take the exam on or after October 1, 2022.

CIPP/US exam blueprint does NOT change
The IAPP publishes an Examination Blueprint for the CIPP/US exam. The Blueprint indicates the minimum and maximum number of question items that are included on the CIPP/US examination from the major areas of the Body of Knowledge. The blueprint remains the same this year, no changes will be made. This means that the structure of the exam remains the same. The 90 exam questions are distributed over the five sections in the same way:


Average number of questions:

I. Introduction to the U.S. Privacy Environment



II. Limits on Private-sector Collection and Use of Data



III. Government and Court Access to Private-sector Information



IV. Workplace Privacy



V. State Privacy Laws




Changes to the Body of Knowledge

The IAPP also publishes a Body of Knowlegde for the CIPP/US exam. In this document you can see which topics are covered in the different exam sections. This document has been changed.

Three new topics

As per October 1, new topics have been added to the exam. It concerns three new topics:

  • Schrems decisions, implications of – under the section international data transfers
  • Exemptions under state (financial) laws – under the section financial
  • Automated employment decision tools – under the section Privacy before, during and after employment

The addition of the Schrems decisions is of course inevitable given the developments around Privacy Shield. The other topics are somewhat more surprising. Please note: these new topics have not yet been incorporated into the official textbook. The most recent third edition was published in 2020. No new edition of that has yet appeared. So you will have to gather this information yourself (or take an up to date course that incorporates it).

Privacy State Law Update

In addition to these three new topics, we also see that the privacy state law part (part V) has been updated. New laws have been added and outdated legislation(s) have been removed. Last year, the privacy state law part became more important in the exam and “cookie and online tracking regulations” was added as a topic. The state law part is very much in flux. That makes sense given all the developments taking place in the US.


The structure of the exam and the distribution of exam questions has remained the same. However, it is important that you pay attention to the most recent developments regarding state legislation in your preparation. Do not forget to study the three new topics. If you are well informed about these changes, you increase your chances of passing the exam in one go.

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