Searching for IAPP CIPM Exam Questions?

Searching for IAPP CIPM exam questions?

Your preparation for the IAPP exam isn’t complete without practicing with CIPM exam questions. Acquainting yourself with sample tests helps you assess your knowledge and prepare mentally for the test.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect 90 questions and a 2.5 hours duration to complete the papers. There are two categories of questions in the exam, and they are:

  • Multiple Choice: Each question in this category will come with four options, and you will be required to choose one correct answer. They may be simple to pass or very complex. With thorough preparation, you will ace this category with ease.
  • Scenario-based: This part of the test is more complex and confusing. You will get five long scenario text followed by four to five questions relating to each scenario. Most times, the long text will cover a wide range of topics in the Body of Knowledge, and a large part of the text may not be relevant to the questions asked. We advise that you familiarize yourself with these types of questions before sitting for the exam.

Where can I get CIPM Exam Questions?

They are hard to find online. However, you can purchase a set of 30 questions on the IAPP website. Please note that the sample test available on the IAPP website may or may not contain scenario-based questions. If it does, you will only find one scenario case in it.

Prepare Adequately with CIPMTraining Sample Questions

We have developed exam-style questions to help our students prepare adequately and pass their papers on the first try. Our training course includes a practice test that consists of both multiple-choice and several scenario-based questions.

The sample test is developed by our experienced and certified privacy professional. What more, the test is similar to what you will get on the exam day. When you opt for our training, you will get 300+ CIPM exam questions, video lectures, a summary of the official textbook, and more.

Benefits of preparing with IAPP style sample questions

  • It will expose you to what the paper looks like and how you are expected to answer the questions
  • It helps you identify the gap in your preparation.
  • You can use practice test to improve your time management skills
  • Prepares you mentally for the paper

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