What does the CIPM EXAM look like?

What does the CIPM EXAM look like?

All IAPP exams are difficult to pass without adequate preparation. For the CIPM exam, you will get 90 multiple-choice questions. Each of the 90 questions will have four options in which you will be required to choose the correct answer. Most times, the four options are quite similar, and you will need an in-depth understanding of the topics to pick the right answer.

You have 2.5 hours to complete the exam and must score above 300 points to pass the test; that’s about 65% – 80%. We know each question carries equal value, but how the points are awarded isn’t known to the public yet.

Generally, the exam includes five long scenario text with about five questions per scenario. This category of questions is taken from the topics carrying the most weight in the exam blueprint.

The scenario may cover a wide range of issues, including those that may not be related to the questions. For example, you may be asked questions relating to risk assessment and privacy issues in mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, the scenario text may cover other areas like how to develop a privacy framework in an organization and privacy metrics.

The 2.5 hours duration is often enough for most test-takers, including those that are non-native speakers. We advise that you read the scenario text carefully since it contains many details. The standard questions are easier to answer and may not take much of your time. It is recommended that you complete the questions in less than 2 hours so you can have enough time to review your answers.

Also, we advise that you flag questions that appear difficult and come back to it after you have answered others. This strategy will help you save time, and you may also be lucky to come across other helpful information in the paper. Please note that there is no negative marking, so you should attempt all the 90 questions. Take the time to check your answers as many times as possible before you submit your paper.

Some of the questions are straightforward and easy to answer, while others are complex and may require critical thinking. For simple and direct questions, you may be asked to select the correct definition of a term in the body of knowledge from a list of four options. However, the complex questions will require you to choose the most accurate answer from a list of four correct answers.

Unlike what most students think, the IAPP test is more about the details rather than the main lines in the body of knowledge. One of the best ways to prepare adequately for the exam is by practicing as many exam-style sample questions as possible.

You are not required to answer all the questions correctly before you pass the exam. It is almost impossible to score 100% with the way the exam is designed. However, you can pass the exam by concentrating on the core topics and preparing smartly.

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