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CIPP Exam Questions – IAPP Exam Questions

Looking for CIPP Exam Questions? Then read on.

You can prepare yourself in various ways for the CIPP exam of the IAPP. A must do is practicing with CIPP exam questions. That way you can get used to the IAPP exam questions.

CIPP Exam Questions: two types

We first briefly consider the exam. The exam consists of 90 multiple choice questions. You get 2.5 hours for this. There are two types of IAPP exam questions:

• Normal cipp test questions: these are short questions where you have to choose from one of the four answers. Most of these questions can be answered correctly if you learn well. Some questions are downright easy, but many questions are very detailed. To score well, you must know the curriculum to a high level of detail.
• Scenario cipp test questions: here you get a long – screen-filling – scenario. Then 4 to 5 questions are asked about this scenario. A large part of the text is irrelevant for answering the questions asked. For example, you get a question about a data breach, while in the text you also read about rights of data subjects, Employment Relationships and Direct Marketing. That can be confusing. Especially the scenario questions are worth practicing.

It’s hard to find CIPP Exam Questions, especially scenario questions…

You can buy a set of 30 cipp practice questions via the IAPP. These provide a good picture of the research question. The disadvantage is that this set IAPP exam questions contains only one (CIPP/E) or no scenario at all! (CIPP/US). Hardly any examples of scenario questions can be found on the internet.

That’s why we have made unique CIPP practice questions!

We believe that good preparation should include practicing with scenario questions. That is why these are part of our online training courses. Our training courses therefore contain at least 3-4 scenarios with 4 or 5 questions per scenario. Of course the training also contains a lot of normal multiple choice questions. In addition to the CIPP test questions, you will receive a good summary of the entire textbook and various training videos. This combination ensures optimum preparation for the exam and a high chance of passing the exam. Register here.


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