CIPP Exam Questions – IAPP Exam Questions


You can prepare for the IAPP certification in various ways. A must-do is practicing with CIPP exam questions to familiarize and get a glimpse of the test.

There Two Types of CIPP Exam Questions

Firstly, let’s brief you about the IAPP test. It consists of 90 questions with a duration of 2.5 hours. The test includes:

  • Multiple Choice: Here, you will be required to choose the correct answer from a list of four options. They are easy to answer if you prepare adequately. Some are downright simple, while others are complex. To excel, you must have a vast knowledge of all the topics in the curriculum.
  • CIPP Scenario Questions: here, you get a long – screen-filling – scenario. You will be asked to answer four to five questions about each scenario. Most times, a large part of the text may be irrelevant. For example, you may be asked about a data breach while text covers other unrelated topics like employment relationships and direct marketing. This part can be very confusing, so it is vital that you practice thoroughly before taking the test.

Finding CIPP Exam questions can be very challenging

You can buy a set of 30 IAPP practice questions via the IAPP website to get an overview of what to expect. The disadvantage is that it contains only one or no scenario questions. What more, you will hardly find IAPP practice materials on the internet.

We have made unique CIPP Practice Questions that will help you excel

We believe that thorough preparation should include practicing with both the normal and scenario-based questions, so we have included two three practice exams (270 questions) and many more additional questions in our online training courses. To get a taste of these questions see this blogpost: CIPP/US Practice Questions (Free Sample Questions PDF)

In addition, you will receive a good summary of the entire textbook and various training videos. This combination ensures optimum preparation for the exam and a high chance of excelling at your first try. Register here.

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