CIPM Study Guide

CIPM Study Guide

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This study guide is written for professionals that want to pass their CIPM exam without hassle. It will equip you with all the information you need about the exam. Also, this guide consists of advice and tips that will help you prepare smartly for the test.

IAPP Certifications

The International Association of Privacy Professionals is the world’s only privacy credentialing body in the world. All the certifications issued by IAPP are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The most popular privacy certificates issued by IAPP are:

  • Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

This certification is designed for managers who want to advance their careers by becoming a recognized privacy program management professional. You will learn how to create a company vision, develop and implement a privacy program framework, how to structure and put in place a privacy team for an organization, and more. CIPM is becoming more popular as organizations need professionals who can help them protect their data and prevent costly data breaches.

  • Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP)

The variants of CIPP certification include CIPP/E and CIPP/US. The former relates to privacy in Europe, and it is for professionals who want to understand the privacy legislation in Europe and how it works. CIPP/US is for professionals working in the United States, and it will acquaint you with various laws relating to privacy and data protection. There is no uniform privacy law in the United States, so you will have to learn the various forms of privacy laws that are applicable there.

There are other less popular variants of CIPP; they are CIPP/C (Canada) and CIPP/A (Asia).

  • Certified Information Privacy Technologists (CIPT)

This certification is for professionals in the engineering, information security, and technology field. It is the least popular of the three IAPP certifications listed here. It is developed to equip IT professionals with the practical knowledge they need to apply data practices in the development and engineering of products and services.

IAPP CIPM Study Guide/Materials

The Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Examination Blueprint is the most vital study materials you will need for the CIPM exam. Both materials, alongside other resources, are available on the IAPP website. The Body of Knowledge contains the list of topics in CIPM, while the Exam Blueprint will tell you the subjects that carry the most weight in the exam. Each subject in the CIPM study material carries a different weight, so you must use the Examination Blueprint as a study guide to develop the best approach for the exam.

Furthermore, there are other free resources available on the IAPP website that you can use as a CIPM study guide to aid your exam preparation. These free resources include the CIPM Authoritative Resource List and Glossary of Privacy Terms. You can download any of the free resources on the IAPP website.

CIPM Exam Questions

Aside from the CIPM study guide or materials, you will need to prepare with sample questions to assess your knowledge and prepare mentally for the test. A copy of CIPM exam questions is available for sale on the official website. However, we advise that you get additional practice questions because the ones available for sale on the IAPP website are easier to answer than what you will get when you sit for the exam.

Tips and Advice for Preparing for the CIPM Exam

Below are tips for preparing for the CIPM Exam:

  • The CIPM exam is a difficult one to pass. You must prepare thoroughly and smartly to excel. IAPP recommends 30 hours of study before taking the exam. However, you may need more or less time to prepare, depending on your ability, study materials, and training course.
  • Most of the questions are extracted directly from the official textbook. You should peruse the CIPM study material thoroughly before attempting the test.
  • Practice with enough exam-style CIPM sample questions. You can get some on the IAPP website and search online for more questions. We’ll give you access to our CIPM exam questions when you register for our training course. Our practice test, study guide, pdf summary of the official textbook, and video tutorials are all you need to excel and get certified quickly.
  • Acquaint yourself with both the normal and scenario-based questions.
  • Use flashcards to learn unfamiliar terms and concepts.
  • Relate the subjects in the textbook to real-life contexts. This will help you understand most of the concepts quickly.
  • All questions carry equal points, and unanswered ones will be marked as incorrect. What more, there are no negative marking in the CIPM exam so you should attempt all the questions.
  • Flag questions that seem difficult and answer them later.
  • You don’t have to answer all questions correctly to pass the exam. Perusing the CIPM summary will help you answer most of the questions correctly.
  • Remember that there are only 75 scored questions in the CIPM exam, and the other 15 are just experimental questions. Do not leave any of the questions unanswered.
  • Don’t let scenario questions scare you. The text may be long, but only a small part is required to answer the questions. The best way to prepare is to acquaint yourself with many scenario questions as possible.
  • Talk to your course instructor if you need more help to understand some of the concepts in CIPM Body of Knowledge or answer the practice questions.
  • Reschedule the exam if you think you are not adequately prepared to sit for it. Please note that you must reschedule at least 48 hours before the exam date to avoid forfeiture of your fee.

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